• Our Investment Style

Risk must be addressed before all else. 
Understanding your risk tolerance, and the emotional drivers behind it, is at the heart of the portfolio strategies we implement for each client we serve.

We aim to manage as much risk as possible through globally diversified asset classes that recognize the world of opportunity in equity & fixed income markets.

SIM implements portfolio strategies that are grounded in sound academic research and clear empirical evidence. We do this by leveraging the expertise of institutional class portfolio managers and comprehensive investment tools not typically available to the average investor or even to the majority of financial advisors.

We do not take a predictive approach to investing

Attempting to identify under or overpriced securities or attempting to time the markets is not only unreliable, it also frequently results in higher costs to the investor. We trust the efficiency of market pricing as it is driven by the tens of millions of investors buying and selling every day, however, we also recognize that true academic research has identified clear and consistent drivers of returns that have long existed across all markets. Understanding the drivers of returns enables SIM to structure portfolios for our clients to pursue higher expected returns.

Managing expenses, turnover and taxes reduces a frustrating headwind many investors face in the pursuit of growth and further improves our client’s chance of success.